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  • Japanese Expert You Can Trust

    English, French, German, Spanish into Japanese Translations
    Specialized in Business and Marketing

    Do you have a business or marketing document and need it to translate into Japanese? You've come to the right place. Alexfromsd.com is founded by an experienced translator who has worked with half a hundred international translation agencies around the world and who has grown quite knowledgeable about the industry. You can rest assured that a real professional will translate your important document, not a moonlighter or person between jobs who just try to get pocket money.

    Translating with style and creativity

    No Machine Translation (MT) or automated system will be used when translating your document. As a result, your translation will be a fruit of the human brain’s activities that add style and creativity to translations. It may sound exaggerated, but a translation process without MT or automated system is becoming rare in the industry. Large corporate translation agencies have invested in Machine Translation, especially Statistical Machine Translation, and many freelances are using some form of sophisticated auto-translation system. Both are equally efficient and economical but they just generate “output”, just like a production line! Translation is not a commodity; it's something like a luxury handmade item.

    Buy direct from Japan

    It’s best to buy a translation from the country where the target language is spoken. Suppose you live in Europe and need to translate a German document into French, would you use a translation agency based in Asia? Certainly, you wouldn’t! You would agree that it’s safer to use an agency based in Europe, preferably in France. But what will happen when you need to translate into Japanese, and if you choose to use a translation agency based in Europe? The agency you choose will most likely take their share and outsource the job to an agency based in low-wage Asian or Eastern European countries. Then, the agency in a low-income country take their share and outsource the job to a freelancer. They will visit a translator’s directory, send out a mass mail to every single translators on the list, and pick the lowest bidder. So, why not cut out the middlemen and try to get a free quote direct from Japan?

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